The perfect winter fragrance from Aeronot

By Riddhi Parekh

Well, no matter what season, you must always wear a scent that soothes your soul. However, if we have to match season with scents, we would undoubtedly pick our November scent for the chilly winter mood that we’ve stepped into. 

Winter resonates with warm, spicy, and sweet notes, that keep you warm amidst all the breeze and snow. Our most beloved curation - November fragrance is one of the most loved winter fragrances. If the smell had to be put in words, we would tell you that this scent will literally make you feel like you are sitting in a cafe and staring outside the window, and mild notes of coffee in the air breezily caress your face!

You read that right! Infused with earthy notes of Patchouli, Pink Pepper, and soft Jasmine, November eau de parfum by Aeronot evokes the essence of a calm winter evening with breezy chills. November has just the right mix of scents to elevate your holiday mood. The mix of sweet pear, vanilla, coffee, and caramel to the previously mentioned spicier notes creates a complete mood for you to cherish.

The Might of Africa is our second-best pick for the chilly season. Just like November, this fragrance is warm and spicy-sweet with a blend of cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper & earthy tobacco with creamy cedar & vanilla poured from above. An ode to the rich heritage of Africa, inspired from our founder’s childhood in Kenya. This fragrance exudes uttermost luxury, is extremely warm, dark, smooth and is to be worn for special evening occasions strictly. 

Winter feels incomplete without pampering yourself with a warm aroma that has your heart. Aeronot promises a wide range of fragrance that suits every mood. Do check our collection to find yourself a heavenly-smelling aroma for this winter. 

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